Campbelltown Sports Stadium Masterplan

Cambelltown Sports Stadium_1920x600

The brief: HillPDA was commissioned to review the feasibility of different development options for the Campbelltown Sports Stadium Masterplan.

Our role: To undertake this assessment the Hill PDA Team:

  • Assessed the retail and commercial market within the Stadium’s locality;
  • Determined suggested end values for each option;
  • Derived high level cost estimates for each option;
  • Produced financial models for each option to determine the highest and best use of the site;
  • Assessed the specific risks of each option; and
  • Determined the most viable development option.

Key learning’s: HillPDA identified a key factor affecting the viability of the development related to car parking requirements. This was primarily due to the construction cost difference between at grade car parking and multi deck car parking. Car parking was a particular issue given the significant number of spaces traditionally required to service a Stadium.

The results: The outcome of HillPDA’s work was an understanding of the key factors affecting the feasibility of the project, with HillPDA providing advice regarding the most viable option based purely on financial grounds.

Summary of services: Development Feasibility Analysis, Highest and Best Use Analysis, Market Appraisal, Market Research